A night of lounging and people watching

I found myself laying in the grass courtyard at the High Museum for about two, maybe 3 hours, watching Michah Stansell’s “The Water and The Blood” last night. I didn’t really know what I was supposed to do, if this performance was supposed to be an interactive or inquisitive experience or simply just for the enjoying experience. I roamed around, people watching, taking photos of people engulfed in the internet social life. I was really disinterested in involving myself with intellectual conversations about what the work was about; I was pleased with just alienating myself on the courtyard and smoking my cigarettes while I sat back and just took everything in. It was very reminiscent of my childhood memories of going to the drive-in and watching Men in Black from the trunk on a Ford Explorer. All I needed was my dad making fun of the aliens and a train or two passing by and I swear I would have been in 1995 again. Something about watching everybody talking amongst each other, laughing and what not came as kind of humorous to me. I wasn’t really sure which of the two hundred some people were actually there to view the work and who was actually there just to be seen. I dont know, whatever. So I sat in the back of the class room and just observed.

The video was very documentary like on these five or six people of which nothing specific was happening but just a day in the life of each person. The clip of each person was split and interweaved with each of the other characters, as if no single person was more important than the other. Much of the footage of each person was interesting in that most of it was set in a country landscape. I think I remember being asked what counter culture meant to me by a police officer who had no idea what was going on, so maybe that was an intrical part of it. A cowboy wading through the farm; a young girl prepping dinner and washing the dishes, another girl canoeing through the river. Each had a country like almost easy living like component that worked as a huge contrast in the metro landscape it was being displayed on. In the background was an ambient/drone sound scape that accompanied the country landscape very harmoniously. That’s what made lounging back so easy, its almost as if Micah wanted me to prop my head back on my bag and just relax. It was an enjoyable experience for sure, don’t really want to start art talk on the deep meaning. I enjoyed myself so lets just end it there.